Samstag, 28. Juli 2012

8 Years!!!

Hello my dear readers!!

I'm sosososo sorry that I have no time to blog right now....but in 3 weeks I'm off and then it'll be much better I promise:-)

On the 13.07, James and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary. Yea, that's right, we're together for so many years now and it feels like every day we spend together, our relationship gets better and better.. I'm still loving him, Like it was the first time.

So here is my outfit. I was wearing:

H&M dress/ Primark tights/Zara Leather Jacket/Fashionology jewellry/Hermés scarf and the shoes I ever wanted: All Saints Damisi Boots...  two years I waited and now I catched them in All Saints sale for just 124 punds!

Samstag, 7. Juli 2012

shining darkness


“There's no Chanel collection without black. (It) will never exist. 
Who can live without some black clothes.” Karl Lagerfeld