Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

my top 10 fashion blogger tattoos

1.Gala Gonzalez 

Gala is always perfectly dressed... what I love about her tattoos is that they look effortlessly chic or grunge depending on her outfits and blend in with her style perfectly! I'm so in love with the inverted cross...perfect position!

2.The Blond Salad
We all know Chiara and her great style...the ribbon tattoo is just super cute,the writings on her arm have the perfect size to let them all look lighthearted. I really love Chiara's "LUCE" tattoo as well! 

3.Heart + Bleecker

I love the tiny heart with the exclamation mark, and the triangle looks just amazing!

5) The Haute Pursuit

Both of Vanessa's tattoo's on her wrist are gorgeous....


Emma has beautiful birds on her wrist and a gorgeous feather tattoo on her back...James,her boyfriend has the same Tattoo on his arm...what a super cute love symbol!


6.Le Blog de Betty

Super gorgeous wrist tattoo!

7) Late Afternoon

nothing looks better than a well done old school tattoo...just like this cute birds!

8) Alice Point
The best symbol for a blogger and fashion lover is a hanger tattoo! I want one too....

9) Kingdom of Style

I really like the lightning Freja like


10) Fashion&Circus

Loving the little anchor!



  1. Thank you for your kind comment! I really enjoy looking at this post, makes me want to get a small and chic tat myself

  2. Your blog is always so wonderful !!!:))
    I loved this post !!!;)

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  5. Antworten
    1. hello! really great pictures !! can you pls tell me what is the tatto in the first picture ? what is the phrase ? thx:)

  6. Hey! Nice post! :)
    BTW I'm fahsion blogger from Belarus :) Most of my readers just fell in love with my tattoe :) Check it :)


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