Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

Back to school girl

glasses: Ray Ban
shoes: Primark

Hey Guys,
I got back to fashion school and this is what I wore today...I think this Poncho has such a perfect colour! I like it colourful and therefore I combined my the poncho with pink chinos....hope you like it.

Ahh, this is the first time you see me in my glasses...I have to wear them but mostly I foget about them or I'm just too lazy...but that's no good =D

and I have a new All Saints bag from Berlin, my boyfriend gave it to me <3

have a great day!!!


Hey meine Lieben,
ich bin zurück in der Modeschule und das ist mein heutiges Outfit...Ich liebe die Farben meines Ponchos und da ich ein großer Farbenfan bin habe ich eine pinke Chino dazu kombiniert...ich hoffe euch gefällt  es.

Ahhh...Ihr seht mich heute das erste mal mit meiner Brille...ich bin eigentlich gezwungen sie zu tragen aber meistens vergesse ich sie oder bin einfach zu faul...das ist aber leider nicht so gut =D

und ich habe eine neue All Saints Tasche aus Berlin die mir mein Freund geschenkt hat<3

habt noch einen tollen Tag!!



  1. You look great with your outfit. Your vintage belt looks cute. We also love your fringed bag.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  2. This look is amazing! I love the red pants and that they are kind of baggy and the whole way you styled it.


  3. I ♥ this bag!! and this look is wonderful! Do you know the italian brand Il Bisonte? I love their bags! Kisses, Paola

  4. Ahh I like your trausers, have amazing color;p

  5. i found your blog on the net ... and i mentioned that you got so much clothes and some of them are pretty awesome. but combining is one of your weaknesses. you didn't found your own style jet.. thats typical for someone from fashion school


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